Desi Club from Desi Living in Denmark
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Indian sports club is the first of its kind in Denmark with typical Indian Sports like Kabbaddi, volleyball, rumaal chakkan, rope drawing(rassa-khichan) etc. 

The club was organized in august 2005 by some Indian Punjabi youngsters living in Denmark.

All the players and supporters held a meeting in august 2005 and decided to arrange a Khed Mela(Indian Sports Festival) in Denmark. And it should be done within few weeks. To organize such a big festival, you need a management committee & it's helpers, who could do it all in a short time. Management committee had very little time, but they managed to arrange everything.

Our First Sports Festival (tournament) in 2005 was really a great success. All the Indian community was very very happy with this arrangement. And not only Indian community in Denmark, but also from Norway and Sweden was really glad. People call to us and gave us very positive respons. 

That gave us extra energy and we decided to continue this success. We decided to arrange atleast one tournament everyyear.

Since 2005 we had arranged 14 tournaments.

In 2019 we gonna arrange 15th tournament and hope all of indians will help us to make this tournament also a big success like last 14 years.